Radiation therapy is also known as Radio therapy. It is used to treat cancer by using high doses of radiation to shrink the tumours and kill cancerous cells present in any part of the body. At low doses, X-rays are used to see inside your body, in your broken bones, etc. to kill cancer from body radiation therapy depends on several factors.

Radiation therapy when given in body it depends on several factors like type of cancerous cell, size, location, depth of tumour, tumour site affecting nearby areas which may be sensitive to radiations, medical history, age, etc.

The different tests which your oncologist will suggest you submit reports before undergoing radio therapy including blood cancer marker, Pet CT Scan, CT scan, biopsy, and few more.

Radiation therapy is a treatment of cancer that uses high doses of radiation to destroy cancer cells. It is performed by two methods; external (beams comes from machine and target cancer site) and internal (beams are induced inside cancer site).


General FAQs of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy beams will help in removing or killing the cancer from your body. Through this technique healthy cells won’t get any harm.

It comes from a machine and aims at your cancer site.

Internal radiation therapy is also known as brachytherapy it delivers high dose of radiation directly into the tumour and it is usually invasive in nature.

Radiotherapy depends upon the stage and sessions of therapy, etc. and cancer surgery. It can be up to 2-3 months, depending upon the type of cancer and its treatment.

Doctors Plus is associated with the team of highly qualified professionals who perform radiotherapy includes:

⦁ Radiation Oncologists
⦁ Medical Physicists
⦁ Radiation Therapists
⦁ Dosimetrists
⦁ Radiation Oncology Nurses
⦁ Other supporting staff

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