Ophthalmology is a branch of science which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the patients suffering from different eye-related diseases and disorders. An ophthalmologist is an eye care specialist who specializes in eye and vision care. They are highly trained in treating related eye disorders and prolonged diseases, which include glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, sight disorders, and few more.
The common eye-related symptoms can be different diseases and disorders like severe eye pain, vision problems, floating spots, seeing floating “spider webs,” red eye, itching and burning sensation in eyes, a sudden change in vision, etc.
Every ophthalmology treatment requires the following test reports before undergoing any eye-related treatment, which includes eye test manually, blood tests, Optical coherence tomography (OCT), and few more.
The different ophthalmology surgeries which include cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, Lasik surgery, corneal surgery, Vitrectomy, eye muscle surgery, Oculoplastic surgery, and many more. These eye treatments will improve the quality of life.


General FAQs of Ophthalmology

There are different types of eye surgeries, which includes:
• Lasik: 1000-1500 USD
• Cataract Surgery: 1500-2000 USD
• Glaucoma: 200-500 USD
• Corneal surgery: 2800-3200 USD
• Vitrectomy: 4500-5000 USD
• Eye Muscle Surgery: 1500-2000 USD
• Oculoplastic surgery: 1750-2000 USD

Toggle ContentYes, you can. Most of the eye surgeons will perform the LASIK, and other related eye surgeries at one go only. This will help the patient to undergo the treatment in a short time.
LASIK surgery takes approximately 30 minutes for an eye.
In LASIK, you can return to your driving just after 1-2 days of surgery, but for others, your eye surgeon will inform you about the same.
After your cataract surgery, you will be recommended to wear photogenic eyeglasses to ease the pain when it occurs in the eye.
You may resume to eye makeup after 1-2 weeks of eye surgery. It is recommended to use new products of good quality to reduce the risk of eye infection.
Cosmetic eye surgery is performed to increase the appearance of eyes by reducing the age signs. The cosmetic eye surgery is performed on eyelids and the surrounding area of eyes.
In most of the cases, cataract is found above the age of 50 years but can also be seen at any age.

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