Bust Lift Treatment

Bust lift or Mastopexy is an advanced plastic and cosmetic surgery which is used in the upliftment of the breast to keep it in the perfect shape The procedure includes firming and raising breast size. The bust lift doctor will replace and remove the excess skin and surrounded tissue of the breast to tighten it well for supporting breast contouring.

Your bust lift doctor will recommend you to undergo bust lift when you wish to change the shape and size of the breast. It is done for the enhancement and upliftment of the bust.

Before proceeding with bust lift or Mastopexy, your bust lift doctor will ask you to submit the test reports which involve ECG, ECHO, Blood test and many more.

In this advanced plastic and cosmetic Bust lift treatment, the incision is made near nipple and excess skin and tissues from the bust are removed and tighten it within the breast by reshaping it.


General FAQs Of Bust Lift
  • Anaesthesia will be given to the breast area so that you won’t feel pain while surgery.
  • The incision is then made in the nipple or breast crease or in the downward side of the breast crease.
  • Excess skin is then removed to reshape the breast by lifting it.
  • The incision is then closed with bandages and stitches.

In country: 1 week

In hospital: 2-3 days

The bust lift treatment cost will be approximately 2510-3000 USD.

It is an individual decision which is not suitable for everyone. It is thus recommended to take prior advice from the cosmetic surgeon so as to avoid any complications.

Few points to be taken care of before you undergo this surgery:

  • Should have optimal weight.
  • No smoking.
  • Check the medical history with your doctor.
  • Avoid and check the on-going medications with your doctor.
  • Attain good health for quick recovery.
  • Breast feeding is not advised after surgery.
  • Strenuous exercise should be avoided for the time being.
  • Medications to be taken on time to avoid any risk.
  • Follow-up should be done with your surgeon.

After the surgery results are easily visible and do not take much time.

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