Hip Resurfacing Treatment

Hip resurfacing is a surgical procedure of removing and replacing the damaged hip joint with an artificial socket. The socket which is lined with the cartilage of the hip helps the hip joint in its movement. The hip resurfacing surgery reduces the problem of leg lengthening or shortening. The hip resurfacing surgery typically lasts from one to three hours at max.

Hip resurfacing surgery is actually alternate to total hip replacement surgery. It is generally more suitable for younger patients those who are not morbidly obese and have non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease. They do not have any infection.

The different test which hip resurfacing specialists will ask you to submit before starting liver transplant surgery, involves clinical examinations, MRI, CT scan, chest X-ray, ECG, blood test, etc.

Hip resurfacing treatment procedure consists of placing a cap which is hollow and is shape like mushroom over the head of femur while a matching metal cup is placed in the acetabulum.


General FAQs of Hip Resurfacing Treatment

To avoid prolonged illness from arthritis and severe injury, Hip Resurfacing is recommended.

Number of days in hospital: 5
Number of days in India: 16

  • During this procedure, an incision is made in the hip and damaged bone and cartilage present in a socket is removed and replaced with metal, plastics and a ceramic component. 
  • The femoral bone is not removed instead trimmed and a cap is placed. 
  • The incision is closed with sutures which will get dissolved in the skin.
  • Staples will be removed within 48 hours.
  • The patient will be discharged from the hospital in two to three days.
  • The patient should do slow exercises for the speedy recovery.
  • No heavy weight lifting or strenuous work should be performed by patients.
  • It helps in walking.
  • Cures prolonged arthritis illness.
  • Cures severe accidental injury.

Hip resurfacing costs will be 9700-11,000 USD approximately.

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