A craniotomy is a surgical procedure of removing a small part of the bone from skull which helps in exposing the brain. It is removed temporarily to perform any brain-related surgery and further replaced after the surgery. Craniotomy procedure is performed with the help of MRI and CT-Scan like techniques to get the correct and precise location within the brain.
A craniotomy is performed when a person is suffering from different neurological problems before the surgery. The unusual symptoms can be prolonging headache, seizures, vomiting, convulsions, brain cancer, swelling in the brain, bleeding in the skull, and many more.
Several tests are required before the surgery. The tests required are MRI, CT scan techniques, which gives the precise location of the brain before starting brain surgery.
A craniotomy is a procedure which is performed before any brain surgery. The bony opening of the skull is removed called bone flap. It is performed to remove tumours, blood clots, head injuries, etc.


General FAQs of Craniotomy
If you are suffering from brain tumour then with the help of craniotomy procedure, the tumour from the brain can be removed.
Depending upon the surgery of the brain, the stay will be mentioned in the treatment plan, which Doctors Plus will provide you.
It is performed to treat different abnormalities of the brain, depending on the type of surgery you will be undergoing.
As soon as your doctor will do with the follow-up procedures after any brain surgery, you can get back to your routine.
The neurosurgeon will perform the craniotomy procedure.
Your neurosurgeon will not shave off the hair.

You can drive after a few days of your surgery. Your neurosurgeon will recommend you to take rest for some time, and further you can get back to your driving and daily routine.

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