Brain tumour Surgery

When a mass of cell overgrows in the brain then forms a tumour in it. When a cell starts growing, it causes internal pressure, which may harm the brain. Tumours are cancerous, non-cancerous, and brain tumours. It can occur to any age group. If the growth is more, then it can be life-threatening. Brain tumour surgery is possible if found at an early stage.

The main symptoms for brain tumour surgery are formation of a tumour in the brain due to known or unknown reasons. To diagnose a brain tumour few symptoms are cancer cells in the bloodstream, increased skull pressure which leads to headache, Swelling, Seizures, etc.

Brain tumour required the following tests CT Scan, Hearing Test, Visual field acuity test, Spinal test in lumbar region to check CSF in tumour cells, MRI, Biopsy, etc.

After diagnosing the medical condition and type of tumour treatment can be decided. Brain tumour surgeon will suggest the procedure which involves brain tumour surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, and Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy.


General FAQs Of Brain Tumour Treatment
  • Surgery

  • Radiation therapy

  • Chemotherapy

  • Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy

Number of days in India: 15

Number of days in Hospital: 1-2

Gamma knife can be performed to remove the Brain Tumours.

It can be determined after detailed examination and medical tests.

Depending on the biopsy result, it can be determined whether your Brain Tumour is brain cancer or not.

The brain tumour surgery is known as Craniotomy, which is performed by opening the skull.

Doctors Plus is equipped with several best brain tumour surgeons who will perform different procedures if you have a brain tumour.

As per WHO, the Brain Tumour is divided into four grades, which can only be determined after diagnosing your medical reports.

It takes time for a patient to recover from brain surgery. The recovery time solely depends on:

  • Procedure used

  • Area affected in the brain

  • Patient’s health and age

  • It is advisable for patients to be hospitalized for at least five days during treatment

  • Physical exercise is essential after brain tumour surgery

  • Speech and vision therapy is recommended

Brain tumour treatment cost will be approximately $7020.

When a patient undergoes brain tumour surgery, then tumour and cancer specialist assure that the tumour cell should get destroyed from the root, without harming any other body part or the area near to brain.

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