Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer which often occurs in women. A lump is formed due to the rapid growth of cells in the breast which when increases becomes malignant i.e. cancerous. Early diagnosis of the cancer offers better success rates of cancer treatment. The cells in the breast rapidly grow and form lump or tumor in it.

Breast cancer symptoms are formation of lump or hard tissue, change in shape, size and skin of breast, appearance of rashes, peeling of skin around nipple, newly inverted nipple, discharge of fluid and blood from nipple.

Breast cancer can be diagnosed with the following tests to be perform by your breast cancer doctor are physical examination, mammogram, ultrasound and MRI of breast, biopsy, etc.

Treatment of Breast Cancer depends on its stage and type. At an initial stage, surgery is the best option. The other treatments can be lumpectomy, mastectomy, removal of cancerous lymph nodes, and breasts.


General FAQs of Breast Cancer Treatment

Yes. Removal of complete breast will remove the Breast cancer at its initial stage only. Breast cancer surgery is considered as the best breast cancer treatment.

Doctors Plus has the best breast cancer doctors who can assist you in your treatment and provides you the best breast cancer treatment.

If you feel pain or get diagnosed with breast cancer then it is suggested to visit breast cancer doctor for the best breast cancer treatment.

Your breast cancer surgeon will ask for the test which will diagnose the breast cancer. After diagnosis anaesthesia will be given to you and further breast cancer surgeon will remove the complete healthy breast so that it won’t affect the healthy part of the body. Later if required, your breast cancer surgeon may ask you for the chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiation therapy.

Number of days in India: 2-3 months

Number of days in Hospital always depends on the type of treatment plan patient carry.

At least once in a year it is recommended that you should visit your breast cancer doctor for the follow-up to avoid any complications.

Women at the age of 40 years are at greater risk.

Breast Cancer surgeon recommended by Doctors Plus will provide you complete guidelines post breast cancer treatment so that you can live your life easily. This includes:

  • A regular check-up with your doctor is mandatory

  • Regular exercises

  • Complete nourishing food and a proper diet is recommended

  • Pelvic exams

  • Quality of life improves.

  • Supportive care is required.

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