Chemotherapy is a chemical treatment used to kill the cancer cells present in the body. There are several types of chemotherapy which are used for different types of cancer. It is used to control the growth of tumour by shrinking them before the surgery or radiation therapy only and makes the tumour small which gives relief to the patient from pain.
Chemotherapy is performed to get relief from prolong pain occurs because of tumour at the specific cancer site. Chemotherapy treatment is given to the patients of prostate cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, etc.
It is sometimes an outpatient procedure so before coming to hospital for chemotherapy treatment you are being suggested to get blood test done and come along with reports.
Chemotherapy treatment is given through orally, injections, IV route, Intra-Arterial, Topical, chemotherapy drugs, etc. It depends on the type of cancer at the specific site, overall health and stage of the cancer too.


General FAQs of Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is considered as the best treatment depending upon the stage of cancer.

In normal chemotherapy, the normal cells also get killed along with the cancer cells but in targeted chemotherapy only cancer cells will be killed and normal cells remain survive.

A patient who is suffering from any type of cancer is an eligible candidate for chemotherapy.

Yes. Since it is a chemical procedure so one will lose their hair during the sessions.

In India: 25 days
In Hospital: Depends on the sessions which took few hours

The cost of chemotherapy is approximately 2000-5000 USD per cycle.

The factors on which cost of chemotherapy depends are:
• Treating country
• Hospital charges
• Number of sessions
• Patient’s overall health
• Stage of cancer

After the chemotherapy is done your chemotherapy specialists will ask you to follow a regime:
• Regular exercise
• Balance diet
• Performing stress relieving activities
• No use of smoking and tobacco

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