TLIF Surgery

TLIF surgery or Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion is done to stabilize the spine and shock absorber present in between each vertebra of the spine. Spinal fusion is recommended to the patients suffering from a herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease, or recurrent disc herniation. TLIF Surgery procedure is performed using metal plates and screws to fix the joint and applying sutures.

TLIF surgery is generally performed and most effective in getting relieved from the symptoms like pain and numbness in legs, Spinal stenosis, Cauda equina syndrome, Slipped disc and sciatica, and many more.

The different tests which your doctor will suggest you submit before starting the TLIF Lumbar surgery involve clinical or physical examination, blood tests, MRI, CT Scan, etc.

TLIF Surgery is a spinal fusion where it fuses the anterior and posterior spine columns. A bone graft from hip or metal plate with screw is placed to stabilize the lumbar spinal level.

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General FAQs of TLIF Surgery

TLIF is a type of spinal fusion which is performed for spinal stability and to get a correct posture.

In India: 20 days
In Hospital: 1 week

Before undergoing spinal fusion surgery, our ortho surgeons perform different tests, which are as follows:

  • Radiography: It is done to check the instability of the spine.
  • MRI, CAT, and Myelogram: It is done to check the nerve compression.
  • EMG: It is done to check the nerve function.
  • TLIF is performed in the posterior part of the spine. An incision is made in the lumbar, and surgical hardware is applied to keep the fusion rate higher.
  • Screw and rods are attached in the spine, and the fusion spacer is inserted in the spine from the side.
  • A bone graft is taken from the hip area and placed in the interbody and then fusion of the vertebra performed.
  • In autologous, the bone graft is taken from the pelvis of the patient.
  • The fusion of the vertebra is done from above and below to form a long straight bone.
  • Prescribed medication should be taken.
  • Walking is recommended after surgery.
  • Regular check-ups.
  • Avoid strenuous exercises.

Benefits of TLIF Lumbar level includes:

  • Provides correct posture
  • The spacer inserted in the spine gives relief from the pain caused by nerve compression
  • TLIF helps in reducing the injury and scarring around the nerve roots

TLIF surgery costs estimate 6000-8500 USD.

The factors on which TLIF surgery cost depends on are the treatment country, hospital charges, stay, accommodation, the type of metal and plates used in the surgery, etc.

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Doctors Plus is committed to providing end-to-end solutions for all your medical tourism needs. Our association with the best hospitals and healthcare professionals globally allows us to offer top-notch, multi-dimensional healthcare which is comparable to the best in the world, but at cost-effective rates.

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