Gynaecology is a branch of science which deals with the physiology and medicines of females. It deals with the health-related issues concerning female reproductive system and the breasts of a woman. A gynaecologist is the one who performs all the gynaecology related procedures and gives the best suggestion on the issues like fertility, pregnancy, STDs, hormone change, menstruation, and more.

The gynaecological symptoms which require medical attention can be unstoppable bleeding, painful intercourse, burning during urination, menstrual cramps, abnormal vaginal bleeding after intimating, increased vaginal discharge, itching, burning, redness in the vaginal area, etc.

The different tests which your gynaecologist will suggest you submit before starting gynaecology related procedures are a pap smear, cervical cone biopsy, vaginitis test, pelvic endoscopy, hysteroscopy, ultrasound, etc.

Depending upon the symptoms and health condition like pelvic pain, abdominal uterine bleeding, PCOD, fibroids, etc. different gynaecology related treatments are performed by a gynaecologist which includes Hysterectomy, myomectomy, various surgical procedures, etc.


General FAQs of Gynaecology

If a woman who is suffering from different gynaecological problems.

Depending upon the type gynaecology procedures you will be suggested to stay in hospital. Doctors Plus ensures you that in the treatment plan which they will provide you have all the stay related information so that you won’t face any problem once you land India.

Doctors Plus is associated with the best gynaecologist who can help you with the treatment of lower abdominal cramps.

If you are unable to conceive through traditional methods, then the gynaecologist will advise you to go for IVF and IUI methods which are safe and best to conceive in any fertility age.

We suggest you look for gynaecologist who can give you a good suggestion on the same.

A gynaecologist will prescribe you the best medicines and suggest you go for regular exercise to prevent the PCOD consequences.

There are few reasons for irregular menstruation as a time-lapse in between cycles, blood loss during periods is more than usual, etc. can be the reasons of irregular menstruation which can be treated by medicines or therapy suggested by gynaecologist.

Yes. When you reach at the age of 50 and more, it is a usual process of female body where she undergoes menopause.

There are good chances that you might be suffering from PCOD, but you will be asked to get a test done before confirmation.

Delayed puberty may occur due to hormone imbalance. If you find any issues due to this, you will be requested to check with the best gynaecologist of India.

Hormonal imbalances may occur when the hormones are higher or lower in the bloodstream. The major symptoms of hormonal imbalances in women can be heavy and irregular periods, metabolic activity, reproductive cycles, and sexual activity, mood, stress level, and many more.

Doctors Plus suggest you undergo for the test first as in some cases due to fibroids and blockage in fallopian tubes you won’t be able to conceive even through traditional methods. IVF and IUI are considered as the best methods in such cases.

Our best surgeons for Hysterectomy perform this surgery on women suffering from a prolonged illness in their reproductive system, which is as follows:

  • Heavy blood flow
  • Abnormal menstruation cycle
  • Prolong pain and illness in the pelvic region
  • Occurrence of fibroids
  • Cancer in the female reproductive system
  • Uterus prolapse
  • Pelvic infections
  • Urinary incontinence

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