Microdiscectomy surgery is required when you have disc herniation in the spinal cord, and it causes pain in the spine. During Microdiscectomy surgery the disc herniation material is removed which is responsible for nerve compression in the spinal cord. It is performed with the use of a special microscope to view the disc and nerves which allows the neuro-surgeon to make small incisions.

Different Microdiscectomy is generally performed and most effective in getting relieved from the symptoms like herniated disc, nerve compression, significant pain, numbness in your legs, sciatica pain, loss of bladder or bowel control and many more.

The different tests which your neurosurgeon will suggest you undergo before starting the Microdiscectomy surgery procedure involve clinical or physical examination, blood tests, MRI, CT-Scan, etc.

During Microdiscectomy surgery procedure, the herniated disc present in the lumbar part of the spine will be removed by making an incision of 2-2.5 cms. The recovery will get done within one week.


General FAQs of Microdiscectomy

After the test reports, your neuro surgeon will suggest you to undergo Microdiscectomy surgery if you have herniated disc in the lumbar region of the spinal cord.

In India: 20 days
In Hospital: 5-6 days

The surgeons will perform the different test and later decide the type of pain you are suffering from in the back and accordingly recommend the back pain surgery.

If you are suffering from severe back pain, then Doctors Plus recommend for the immediate consultation along with the tests like MRI, etc. which can confirm your medical condition.

By doing a diagnostic test, our best neurosurgeon will diagnose the medical condition of your back.
Tests can be MRI, CT-Scan, and X-Ray, etc.

Microdiscectomy is required for the herniated disc. The neurosurgeon will remove the herniated disc material which is responsible for nerve compression.

Generally, it is not required, but if in case your neurosurgeon will recommend, then you have to undergo physical therapies.

It eliminates pain caused by a herniated disc, which occurs in the lower lumbar region of the spine.

After lumbar Microdiscectomy surgery, you will feel relax and free from all those causes which you were dealing with previously.

The Microdiscectomy cost estimates $4,000-$15,000 depending upon the surgery.

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