Cardiology includes heart and blood vessels. It includes all disorders which are related to heart. Cardiac treatments are performed on the patients suffering from different symptoms and cardiovascular diseases. The different test and examinations helps the cardiac specialist to diagnose the different conditions of a patient. According to your medical conditions your cardiac specialist will suggest you the best cardiac treatment.

The symptoms of cardiac disease may vary in males and females. The common symptoms can be heart attack, high BP, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, different heart diseases, blocked arteries, abnormal heartbeats, heartburn, heart failure, valve prolapse, etc.

The different tests which the best doctor for cardiology will suggest you undergo before undergoing cardiac procedure involve angiography, chest X-ray, ECG, ECHO and blood tests, and more.

Cardiac treatment depends upon the medical condition of your heart. The treatment includes surgeries like AVR, MVR, angioplasty, CABG, etc. Surgeries are considered as the best treatment to recover from severe heart diseases.


General FAQs of Cardiology Treatments

If you are suffering from any heart disease then your cardiologist will suggest you cardiac surgery, depending upon your medical condition.

Person who had the following:

  • Heart attack
  • Inflammation
  • Blocked artery
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Narrowing of artery

There are several types of cardiac treatments and based on that the stay is designed by Doctors Plus in India and in hospitals as well.

  • Angiography: Stay in India will be 3 days and hospital few hours
  • Angioplasty: Stay in India will be 10 days and hospital 2-3 days
  • CABG and Redo-CABG: Stay in India will be 20 days and hospital 10-12 days
  • Heart Valve Replacement: Stay in India will be 20 days and hospital 10-12 days
  • ASD, VSD closures: Stay in India will be 25 days and hospital 10-15 days
  • Permanent pacemaker implant: Stay in India will be 10 days and hospital 2-3 days

If your concern cardiologist will prescribed.

Rehabilitation programmes after bypass surgery helps you in regaining your energy and boost up your overall health condition.

Doctors Plus works with the best cardiologist in India. We assure to book your appointment with the best cardiologist in India.

Doctors Plus assures you to provide the best cardiologist in India who will do angiography testing on you.

Coronary angiography is performed by injecting a dye in your vein to check the blocked artery and let you know about the signs of heart stent surgery.

An experienced cardiologist performs PCI, and depending on the severity of the condition can last up to 90 minutes.

After placing stents, it will almost remove the symptoms of angina but in case of regular check-ups or on later stage if any medical problem will occur then, the second stent can be placed to avoid any other complication.

Donor heart can come only from a deceased donor who was healthy and disease free before death. This may take several months to wait for the right donor who is compatible with the recipient.

  • Heart Valve Replacement surgery is important for blood flow in unidirectional, so as to pass the blood and oxygen from the heart to other organs of the body in a proper manner.
  • The mitral valve surgery and aortic valve surgery is performed to repair and replace the damaged valves (aortic valve and mitral valve) with an artificial valve and to make it functional.
  • Redo Coronary Artery Bypass Graft is required only in a small percentage of patients who had previously undergone CABG but experience constant angina, progression of disease, new blocks or sometimes re-blockage of the graft or the coronary arteries.
  • This generally occurs few years after the primary CABG.
  • Redo CABG is required in symptomatic patients where surgical revascularization is indicated.
  • In comparison to PCI, CABG Redo Surgery is preferred in patients with more disease vein grafts and/or low cardiac function.
  • Redo CABG is also preferred in patients with severe symptoms or extensive ischemia.
  • In patients with freshly occluded saphenous vein graft (SVG), CABG is indicated if the native artery appears unsuitable for PCI or when many of the important grafts are occluded.

The cardiac treatment cost estimates as follows:

  • Angiography cost: 400-600 USD
  • Angioplasty surgery cost: 3900-4200 USD
  • Heart transplant cost: 50,000-80,000 USD
  • Heart valve replacement cost: 7400-8000 USD
  • IVAD cost: 6500-7500 USD

The cardiologist recommended by Doctors Plus will suggest you to lead a healthy lifestyle by following these steps:

  • Quit smoking
  • Intake of healthy and freshly prepared food
  • Having less cholesterol intake
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure

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