ACL Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction Treatment or Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Surgery is done on the injured ACL ligament of the knee and most commonly it occurs in players of high-risk sports, such as football, basketball, soccer and skiing. Very rarely, ACL Reconstruction Treatment surgery is performed on injured knee ligament, as any injury to the knee causes damage to other structures also.

In case of ACL tear or rupture a “Pop” like sound is heard along with symptoms like difficulty in putting pressure on the knees, pain while walking, rapid swelling over knee joint, knee stiffness and instability.

ACL operation is performed when ACL tear occurs and person has to undergo the following process of diagnosis which involves Clinical exam, X-ray, MRI scan and Exploratory arthroscopy.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery or operation is done in case of ACL tear or rupture where the injured ACL ligament is removed from the injured location and replaced the segment with a healthy tendon.


General FAQs of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL repair or ACL tear surgery will help you in moving the knee. After certain time, you can easily move without any

ACL operation can be performed when the ACL ligament stretches too much or ACL tears apart due to overstretching.
This can occur in the following conditions:
• Turning sharply or moving suddenly while running or jumping
• Stopping suddenly and then changing direction
• Jumping and landing

Number of days in India: 15

Number of days in Hospital: 1-2

The tentative ACL reconstruction cost is 3400-4000 USD. The ACL reconstruction cost factors for your

Not all patients with ACL rupture are candidates for surgical repair. So, careful evaluation of the case is required before
deciding for ACL Reconstruction surgery. Following are the indications for ACL Repair/Reconstruction surgery:
• Active adult patients who are often involved in sports that require immediate turning or twisting of knee joint.
• Adults with jobs that require heavy manual work.
• ACL Repair surgery in children should be delayed till skeletal maturity.
• Patient with significant functional instability of the knee joint.
• Patients with combined damage to the knee joint menisci, collateral ligaments, articular cartilage etc.

• The procedure is quick and takes less than an hour.
• Arthroscopic procedures are mostly done as day care procedures and night stay is not required in the hospital.
• People with desk jobs can return to work as early as 1-2 days.
• There is negligible blood loss with arthroscopic procedures.
• The incisions are very small and hide in joint skin layers.
• There are fewer risks than open surgery.

  • Patient is kept in the post-operative recovery room for few hours to monitor any signs of discomfort in the knee joint.
  • The joint is heavily padded and pain relief medications and antibiotics to prevent infection are started soon after surgery.
  • In most cases, ambulation is started on the same day. Some patients may require crutches for first few days.
  • Gradual increase in walking distance is advised to the patient.
  • Regular movement of knee should be carried out even while sitting or lying down through different range of motion as tolerated.
  • The operated knee should be kept elevated above the level of heart with two pillows under the entire leg for the first few days after surgery.
  • Apply an ice pack to the knee to prevent swelling and pain.
  • Patient should do thigh muscle tightening exercises for the first few weeks after surgery.
  • Physical therapy, if required, may be started 3-5 days after surgery.

• Most of the patients can bear weight on the operated knee and walk comfortable soon after the surgery.
• Driving and other minor activities can be started day after the surgery.
• Patients with sitting job can resume work as early as 1-2 days, while heavy manual employment may require 6 weeks.
• It may take almost 6 weeks to start running in a straight line.
• Slowly other activities are introduced, and patient can get back to usual lifestyle within 6 months after the surgery.

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