Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells which can occur in any specific part or site of your body. It is malignant. There are more than 100 types of cancer which include breast cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, blood cancer, skin cancer, lymphoma, bone cancer, leukaemia and many more.
Malignant Tumour is considered as the primary symptom of cancer where the cancerous cells multiples and reaches to different other sites with the growing stage of cancer. The symptoms depend on the type of specific cancer.
The different tests which your cancer treatment specialist will suggest you before undergoing cancer treatment include blood cancer marker, Pet CT Scan, CT scan, biopsy, and few more.
The treatment of cancer can be performed by using few techniques depending upon the stage and cancer site, which includes chemotherapy, cancer surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell therapy, and many more.


General FAQs of Cancer

The different causes of cancer are:
• Genetic factors
• Environmental exposure
• Working with carcinogenic agents
• Predatory lifestyle

Anyone can get cancer at any age, but the risk is more with age.

Generally, when the cancer is at the tumour level stage, then cancer surgery is recommended but not always.
Cancer treatment depends upon the sessions of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, etc. and cancer surgery. It can be up to 2-3 months, depending upon the type of cancer and its treatment.
Depending upon the medical condition, your cancer treatment specialist may prescribe you medicines, if required.
Yes, it may cause cancer.
No, all are not cancerous.

Cancer can be treated by using different techniques, which are as follows:
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation therapy
• Hormone therapy
• Cancer surgery
• Immunotherapy
• Targeted therapy
• Stem cell transplant

The technique in which the chemicals are used to kill the cancer cells growing in any site of the body.

In this, the use of X-ray and electrons are used to treat the cancerous site of the body only.

Hormone therapy is used to stop or reduce the growth of these tumors by blocking the body’s ability to produce hormones or by interfering with the action of hormones. It is generally used for breast, prostate and endometrium cancer correctly.

Cancer surgery is when the cancerous tumour and nearby cells are removed to stop the growth of cancer from the site. The cancer treatment specialist who performs this surgery is known as Surgical oncologist.
To diagnose the patient with cervical cancer, your cancer treatment specialist will ask you to submit pap smear test reports. It is a procedure to detect the cancerous cells if present in the cervix.
Toggle ContentThis test is performed to diagnose breast cancer. It helps in diagnosing the lumps and other symptoms present in the breast.

In the case of chemotherapy, there as chances of hair loss as it is a chemical procedure.

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