When meningeal tissue gets affected, a non-cancerous tumor arises in the surrounding of the brain as well as in spine, the condition is known as Meningioma. Meningioma treatment is performed to remove the tumour from the brain, if the sizes of the tumor increase. It affects an age group of 40-50 years of people and often occurs in a female population.
Meningioma treatment is performed to remove the brain tumour. The few symptoms include blurred vision, headache, loss of smell, seizures, change in mind state and many more are responsible which allow you to undergo meningioma treatment.
The different tests which your meningioma doctor will suggest you to submit before starting meningioma treatment involves MRI, Computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan, X-ray, Cerebral angiogram, etc.
The meningioma treatment or craniotomy is a surgical procedure of removing the tumour from the brain. A small incision is made within skull to remove the tumour from the skull by inducing anaesthesia.


General FAQs of Meningioma Treatment for Brain
Doctors Plus has given the best Meningioma treatment to several patients suffering from Meningioma.

The Meningioma brain tumor is broadly classified as:
• Grade 1: They grow often but gradually increase and have no chance of returning after the treatment.
• Grade 2: Gradually increases but rare chances of returning after treatment.
• Grade 3: Rarely grows and high chances of coming back even after the treatment.

In house doctors of Doctors Plus ask you for MRI, CT scan and X-ray reports.
Factors on which meningioma cost depends are the accommodation, stay, hospital charges, treatment country expenses, medicines (if required), etc.

Meningioma Surgery depends upon various factors like:
• Size
• Location
• Growth rate
• Medical history
• Symptoms if causing problems

Meningioma surgeon will perform the treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery on the patient suffering from Meningioma.
• Surgery: It is considered as the best treatment as our experts have a good hand in removing the tumor from the root, through surgery which does not allow growing again. After surgery also patient are suggested to visit for follow check-ups.

• Radiation therapy: In this, a high beam of light is passed on the tumor which breaks the tumor into pieces. It is performed only in non-surgical cases.

• Chemotherapy: It is rarely used in Meningioma treatment. Only certain cases are being dealt with chemo. The chemotherapy is given outside the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) so that the chemo drugs can reach on to the point.

Your meningioma surgeon will suggest you the follow up care along with the following:
• Prescribed medications to be taken on time.
• Complete recommended diet required to be followed.
• Emotional and Physical support is required.
• Support and encouragement are what the patient needs after Meningioma Surgery.

After surgery, meningioma surgeon will remove the tumour from site, and symptoms which hamper day-today life will be eliminated.
Meningioma surgery cost estimates 5500-7000 USD.
Meningioma surgery recovery occurs with time. Healing from the meningioma surgery takes time. It also depends on each person’s medical condition.

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