Liver Transplant Surgery

Liver, the largest organ of the body, requires liver transplant when it becomes diseased. The liver transplant surgeons will remove and replace part of the diseased liver with part of healthy liver. Any family member of the recipient can donate the healthy liver. The liver of the donor and recipient will regenerates again, but the shape and size will become different.

Liver transplant surgery is performed on the person who suffers from cirrhosis, acute liver failure, and chronic liver failure, jaundice, vomiting of blood, biliary atresia, itching, ascites, bowel syndrome, dark coloured urine, etc.

The different test which liver transplant surgeon will ask you to submit before starting liver transplant surgery, involves clinical examinations, imaging test, blood test, mammogram, colonoscopy, and ultrasound.

Liver Transplant is performed when a person has liver failure. The diseased liver lobe is removed and replaced with healthy liver. This new liver helps in recovering from symptoms and provides new life.


General FAQs Of Liver Transplant

Liver failure is the primary reason for a liver transplant. The two types of liver failure are:

Acute liver failure: It is a life-threatening illness which can occur due to:

  • Blood infection or injury

  • Hepatitis

  • Adverse drug reaction

Chronic liver failure: It is a long-term liver disease, which can cause by:

  • Alcoholic liver

  • Liver cancer

  • Cirrhosis or obese liver

  • Biliary atresia (in children)

  • Genetic disorder

It is performed to remove and replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver by a living donor who can be from your family or blood relative.

Only a healthy liver can regenerate; a cirrhotic liver cannot regenerate. Thus, Liver Transplant surgeons suggest liver transplant from a living donor only to increase the life expectancy.

Any of your blood relatives or family members can donate you a liver.

Yes, a liver donor will ultimately be safe. Post-surgery a donor has to follow the instructions given by the liver transplant surgeon to stay healthy and lead a good life.

In country: 60-90 days

In hospital: up to 30 days

• Recurrence of original liver disease is possible.

• Complications due to immunosuppressive medication which is prescribed to prevent the recipient’s body rejecting the liver.

A team of specialized Liver Transplant surgeons is involved in the surgery. The team is as follows:

• Head surgeon

• Assistant of head Surgeon

• Nurses

• Anaesthesiologist

Liver transplant cost estimate is 25,000-35,000 USD.

• The patient is recommended to maintain a healthy and hygienic diet post-Liver Transplant surgery.

• Liver Transplant surgeons recommend regular follow-ups and blood tests.

• Intake of immunosuppressive medications is required as per prescription by Liver Transplant surgeon.

Liver Transplant specialties Doctors Plus can help you with:

  • Living Related Liver Transplant

  • Pediatric Liver Transplant

  • Liver Resection

  • Trans-arterial Chemoembolization

  • Trans-arterial Radioembolization

  • Radiofrequency Ablation

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