PCL injury treatment or Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Reconstruction Surgery is performed on the torn ligament when Posterior Cruciate Ligament met with severe injury because of accident or any damage occurring to the knee. In PCL tear treatment, the injured tissue is removed and replaced with the new tissues which should be taken from the healthy person’s knee and further stitched.
PCL injury may include few signs and symptoms which involves pain, swelling and instability to stand. When PCL hits then swelling is the major symptom one can easily see accompanied by pain and instability to stand.
PCL tear treatment is performed when PCL tear occurs and person has to undergo the process of diagnosis which involves Clinical exam, X-ray, MRI scan and Exploratory arthroscopy.
PCL Reconstruction Surgery is done in case of PCL tear where the large incision is made and injured PCL ligament is removed and replaced with the new tissue taken from the body itself.


General FAQs of PCL Reconstruction Surgery
Doctors Plus recommend you PCL reconstruction surgery when you have PCL tear or PCL injury then PCL tear treatment or PCL injury treatment is performed.

Symptoms are like:
• Pain and swelling in knees due to any injury
• Problem while walking
• A pop up sound comes whenever you move your leg
• Sometimes if PCL injury is left untreated.

Once the surgery is done then a patient will be able to move his knee properly as the ligament helps in the movement and bending process.
After a month you are fit to walk normally and involve in your daily routine activities.
Number of days in India: 15 Number of days in Hospital: 1-2
The tentative PCL reconstruction cost is 3400-4000 USD.
The PCL reconstruction cost factors for your complete medical trip may vary on the type of accommodation, stay, hospital, etc.

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