When lumbar region of the backbone is compressed due to any accidental spinal injury or tissue swelling, then decompression surgery is recommended. It is only performed in those cases when non-surgical treatment fails. It is an advance surgery which is performed to get relief from the pain in the lumbar area of the spine which occurs due to any spinal injury.

Lumbar decompression surgery is generally performed and most effective in getting relieved from the symptoms like pain and numbness in legs, Spinal stenosis, Cauda equina syndrome, Slipped disc and sciatica and many more.

The different tests which your doctor will suggest you to submit before starting the lumbar decompression surgery involves clinical or physical examination, blood tests, MRI, CT Scan, etc.
Lumbar decompression surgery is performed to get relief from pain which occurs in the lower back region of our spinal cord which may radiate to the leg. The compressed nerves of lumbar region of spine are treated by performing this surgery.


General FAQs of Lumbar Decompression Surgery

Neurosurgeons perform Lumbar Decompression surgery in the following conditions:
• Severe pain in lower back
• Swelling
• Walking problems
• Numbness in legs and thighs
• When body balance is out of control
• Improper physical texture

Lumbar decompression cost estimates 4000-7000 USD.

In India: 10 days In Hospital: 4 days

Lumbar Decompression surgery is performed in three different ways, which are as follows:
• Lumbar Laminectomy: In this, one of the vertebrae from the spine is removed and replaced with the affected bone to get the relief from the pain.
• Discectomy: In this, a section from the lumbar area is removed to relieve from compression which causes pain in the backbone.
• Spinal Fusion: In this, the fusion of spinal bones is performed to provide strength and stabilization to the spine.

• Prescribed medication should be taken.
• Walking is recommended after surgery.
• Regular check-ups.
• Avoid strenuous exercises.

Benefits of Lumbar Decompression:
• Lumbar is the lower region, so after surgery walking is suggested to get the correct posture.
• Lumbar Decompression is performed so that the patient can get relief from long time pain.

After the Lumbar Decompression surgery, the patient will get ease from pain and he found no difficulty in walking, sitting and can perform daily routine activities.

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