Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery or hip joint surgery is performed by removing and replacing the injured and painful femoral head and acetabulum (hip joint) with an artificial hip joint made up of metals and plastics. Hip Replacement is performed to get relief from arthritis pain or any accidental injury of the hip. This surgery is performed as total or partial Hip Replacement surgery.

Hip joint surgery is performed when a person is suffering from joint stiffness, accidental injury of the hip, hip osteoarthritis, pain while walking or sitting, swelling, crunching of hip bone, visual changes in hip, etc.

The different test which your hip replacement surgeon will ask you to submit before starting hip joint surgery, involves clinical examinations, MRI, X-ray, blood test, arthroscopy, etc.


In Hip joint surgery, your hip replacement surgeon will remove the painful hip joint and replaces the same with an artificial hip joint made of medicated metal and plastic. It is an alternative option to get relieved from hip pain.


General FAQs of Hip Replacement Treatment

When a patient suffers from prolonged arthritis which starts causing pain while sitting and affecting routine work in the hip region then Hip Replacement Surgery is recommended to regain his mobility. 

Number of days in hospital: 5-6
Number of days in India: 20

The following factors are involved in Hip Replacement:

  • Walking problems
  • Painful arthritis
  • Disturbances in performing routine work
  • Aching during sleep or while resting
  • Continuous pain in the hip joint

Before surgery, special consultation is required if the patient has a history of haemophilia, cancer, transplants, infectious diseases. A complete medical check-up is required before lying on the operating table so as to avoid any complications.

  • Total Hip Replacement: During this surgery, complete replacement of femoral head and acetabulum is done. The replacement is performed by removing the original hip joint with a metal and plastic made the hip joint.
  • Partial Hip Replacement: During this surgery, the only femoral head is removed and replaced with the original one.
  • After the surgery gets completed, the patient will be discharged within two to three days. It takes around six months to one year to recover completely from the surgery. A patient needs to take care of following things to get into normal life:
  • Regular physical exercise.
  • Methods of sitting and walking affect post-surgery.
  • Visit doctors for follow up.
  • Eat meals on time by sitting properly to avoid any future damage.
  • The patient will be able to walk properly in approximately six months.
  • Regular slow exercise brings mobility on hips.
  • Less pressure workout is suggested even after a year gap to avoid any complications.
  • Quick recovery
  • Less pain after surgery
  • Less damage of tissues and muscles during hip surgery
  • Reduce the risk of chronic health conditions

Hip replacement costs will be 5500-9000 USD approximately.

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