CABG surgery is commonly known as a Graft surgery or Bypass Surgery. It is performed by inducing anaesthesia before starting the graft surgery and then normal artery of your arm will be connected to the coronary artery of the heart which helps in opening and bypassing the blood flow around the blocked area which provides blood and oxygen to the heart.

The symptoms which can be cured by performing angina treatment are heart attack, chest pain, fatigue, palpitation, breathing problem, when blood supply to the heart muscle will stop and blockage or narrowing of the coronary artery.

The different test which your doctor will suggest you to submit before heart surgery involves angiography, chest X-ray, ECG, ECHO and blood tests.

Bypass surgery is performed to open the blockage of artery occurs due to angina said to be the major reason for heart surgery. Depending upon your medical condition cardiologist will perform heart surgery.


General FAQs Of CABG Surgery

Our best cardiologists in India recommend CABG surgery if you are having the following conditions:

  • Angina is severe and your heart muscles fall short of oxygen supply with even the lightest form of activity or at rest.
  • Blockages in more than one artery supplying blood to the heart.
  • Unsuccessful Angioplasty surgery.
  • Emergency situations like a heart attack may prompt to CABG surgery.

CABG surgery can be performed by two different techniques:

  • Off – Pump or Beating Heart Surgery
  • On – Pump or Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery

Number of days in India: 20

Number of days in Hospital: 7

The estimate cost of graft surgery is 1711-2000 USD.

  • You will be monitored in the intensive care unit (ICU) for a day or two post the surgery before being transferred to regular hospital care for some more time, depending on your response to the procedure.
  • Discharge may take place within a week, but it will take another six weeks before you start feeling better and be able to resume some of your daily activities.
  • Our doctor may recommend you to attend a cardiac rehabilitation programme for recovery through exercise and education therapy.
  • Follow-ups as directed by your hospital will help monitor your progress and take note of any relapse in treatment.
  • Lifestyle changes will be recommended by the surgeon after CABG.
  • Medication will be given to lower your blood cholesterol, avoid blood clot and to help your heart function as well as possible.

It generally takes around a month to get back to your normal lifestyle.

If your concern cardiologist will prescribed.

Your recovery primarily depends on your health condition before surgery, type of surgery you have and the healing power of your body.

Rehabilitation programmes after bypass surgery helps you in regaining your energy and boost up your overall health condition.

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